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Water Treatment

We can carry out all types of filtration and treatment to any type of water no matter what the problems are.

The most common problem here in the Algarve is hardness and high calcium levels, this problem is quite easily resolved by installing a salt water softener which treats the water before it enters the house supply thereby protecting the water system and saving costly repairs on water boilers/solar systems etc.

The best softener to fit is a volumetric unit which only regenerates and treats the water you use, this is set up on installation and therefore if the house is shut up for long periods of time the unit does not waste water or salt, some types regenerate on a daily basis whether you have used any water or not.

Other popular systems fitted are ultra violet units where the water is passed through a stainless steel cylinder with an ultra violet lamp inside. This kills any bacteria which is then removed by means of a simple disposable 5 micron filter element.

We also install Chlorine dosing units on large quantity storage tanks which kills any bacteria that may come from the borehole etc., this is controlled by a probe which constantly tests the level of chlorine and adds liquid chlorine as necessary.

Other types of treatment include reverse osmosis units which can be fitted under the counters in the kitchen and give perfect drinking water through a second faucet fitted at the sink. Other common problems found here in the Algarve are deposits of iron and manganese and clay.

Normally all of these can be treated by using regenerating units with different mediums inside, for instance green sand for clay, activated charcoal for smells etc. etc.

If there is a lot of sand in a borehole we would normally recommend a hydro cyclone filter which is designed to separate the sand by injecting the water into a steel cylinder and as the water sprays onto the side wall of the unit it starts a centrifugal action which allows the heavier sand to drop out of the bottom and the clean water to carry on its journey.

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