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Agua Rapida 24 Lda carries out all types of irrigation systems ranging from the smallest of private gardens to large estates using the latest systems.

There are many types of irrigation ranging from small dripper types to the large water cannons.

One of the most popular types of irrigation for the larger property is a central pumping station with a ring main going around the property with different zones supplying different areas of the gardens.

To provide this system, we excavate to a depth of 50/60cm around the property and lay a high pressure tube of adequate size (normally 50mm) for the water needed. We also lay an electric control cable.

In different positions we install electro valves in underground boxes unto the main tube which when activated supply the different areas.

The electro valves, which for safety reasons are only 24 volt, are connected by the control cable to a central programmer.

The programmer can be programmed to supply water to all of the different areas (called zones) at different starting times and durations.

For example where the grass needs maybe 3 times per day and every day, the cactus maybe only needs water once a week and the vegetable garden once  a day but early in the morning etc. etc.

The other type of system for the smaller garden is where we install the pump, electro valves and programmer in the same place, normally a pump house for the pool or similar, and then run individual tubes to the separate zones.

After we have the water to the zones we then decide the best method to use.

For large areas of grass we use the rotating canons or sprays and for the smaller areas we use small pop-up fixed sprays.

For the shrubberies and boundary hedges we normally use a drip or a perforated tube system which can be hidden under pine bark or garden mulch.

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