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We carry out all types of pool repairs, remodelling, renovation and improvements.

Pool repairs can be anything from a simple plumbing leak to something as complicated as a (broken back) whereby the floor cracks at the place where the top of the slope meets the shallow end.

Normally this is due to poor construction when the pool was built partly on virgin excavated ground and the rest on built up ground which has not been compacted. One  of the other reasons is lack of steel reinforcing.

When we are confronted with a bad leak on an old pool we normally strip off the old mosaic tiles, check for and repair all cracks, test all pipe work, skimmers, sump and returns etc.

We then plaster using specially designated materials and polymer additives to ensure good adhesion and resistance.

After this we apply a two part coating which gives a pliable rubber type skin up to 2mm thick which can be tiled directly onto using regular pool tile cement and grout.

Other works we carry out are infilling part of the deep end to meet with new property letting laws and also being shallower reduces the running costs.

Another option for pool repair when the existing pool is very bad, is to install a vinyl liner into the old concrete shell, this is normally a good economical remedy which does not take very long to carry out.

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