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Existing boreholes

We offer an inspection and repair service for existing boreholes/pump systems.

This normally entails a site visit to discuss with the client the various problems or concerns they have with their system.

We can remove the pumping system and inspect the equipment and suggest either servicing or replacement depending on the age of the installation.

We would then normally survey the depths etc. of the borehole and the water depth and casing sizes etc.

If we feel there is a lot of silt or clay in the borehole we can clean it out using either a baler or compressed air system.

After this has been completed we can temporarily install a test pump with metering and monitoring devices to ascertain the water flows and replenishment times etc.

After the borehole has rested for a short while, we can have the water analysed to tell us whether or not filtration or treatment is necessary.

After all of the above has been carried out, we will reinstall the pumping system to a very high and safe standard, giving you the confidence for many years safe water usage.


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