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Pumping Systems

There are many different combinations of pumping systems which we use for the different applications we encounter.

One of the most favoured pumping systems for boreholes is to install a pump and balloon system.

This entails installing the correct size of pump to enable the water to be pumped out under pressure from whatever depth necessary.

Firstly we have to calculate the size of pump required.

To do this we test pump the borehole, to ascertain the level of the water under normal pumping conditions then we add 35% to give a safety margin.

When we know this level, we calculate the pump size by dividing the depth by ten which gives us the amount of kilos pressure to lift the water to the surface, then we add the kilos pressure we require for the final system.

So for example if the water level is at 150mt this represents 15 kilos plus say 5 kilos of house pressure plus 35% which is ( 15+5=20+35(7) Total required 27 kilos).

We then consult the pump manufacturer’s data sheets to find correct pump for the job.

Obviously this is very important for the client to get the best returns from the borehole using the minimum amount of electricity.

Once we have installed the pump we connect it to a pressure vessel system.

This is where you have a large steel or fibreglass tank with a rubber bag inside. Between the bag and the inside of the tank is compressed air. When the water is pumped from the borehole it fills the rubber bag until it reaches the preset pressure, whereby via a pressure switch connected to the borehole pump control panel, it shuts off the pump. When some of the water has been used, lowering the pressure, the pressure switch restarts the pump.

The main advantage of this system is that the water comes direct from below ground and does not come into contact with the oxygen in the air.

Two 300lt pressure vessels connected direct to borehole pumping systems

Control panel connected to pressure vessels and borehole pump with low-level and phase protection relays

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