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We carry out various types of work with sewerage treatment and pumping etc.

We supply and install Bio-Fossas which work on the basis of active bacteria being placed into the pre-installed medium and working on the solids which enter the system leaving the water clean enough to use for irrigation purposes.

Most of the old sewerage systems here in the Algarve are the two compartment and a soak-away type, whereby the solids go to the first compartment and settle to the bottom leaving the water to pass on to the second compartment, where they mix with grey water: i.e. showers/baths, washing machines etc., this then passes to the soak-away and disappears into the ground. What we are able to do now is to tap into the grey water and mix with clean borehole water and after a small amount of inexpensive treatment use this for garden irrigation purposes.

Another type of work we carry out is to connect existing systems to the council sewerage system.

In a lot of cases it is not possible to make a normal connection due to the levels being wrong etc.

We can install a macerator pump which is placed in your existing septic tank and controlled by a float system. When reaching the higher level it will macerate and pump the solids through a 50mm tube to distance of up to 200mts and to a height of 25mts.

Using this system makes the connections very easy and keeps the disruption and reinstatement to an absolute minimum.

Once fitted, these systems need very little maintenance and are very inexpensive to run.

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