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Borehole drilling

When a client contacts us regarding a new borehole, we first make a free site visit to look at the site and discuss the possibility i.e. access for machinery etc.

The next action is to get the site divined to ascertain if there is water below the ground and the best position of the drilling site to minimize disruption and damage to existing gardens, land etc.

When the above has been agreed, we then prepare an estimate for the works which is per metre for the drilling and casing. We explain the possibilities of the different casings etc. due to the ground conditions and price these accordingly, so as not to have any surprises at the end and normally we can give a pretty good estimate of the depth required due to our experience and past drilling in the areas.

We then take care of all the paperwork to get the relevant licences, firstly the Pesquisa, this is for the actual drilling and casing.

After this is completed we submit a final report with all of the technical details required and the authorities will issue the Licença de Captação which allows you to to take the water.

When the borehole has been completed we will then discuss with  you, the best pumping systems available to suit your requirements. Basically there are two main systems, which is one where we pump it into a large storage tank (cisterna) and then it is secondarily pumped to wherever it is needed.

The other system is whereby we pump directly into large pressure vessels direct from the borehole which is controlled by pressure switches. Basically the way this works is for the pump to  push water into the vessel until the upper pressure is reached, then the pressure switch disconnects the pump. After some water has been  used and the pressure drops to the lower pressure level, the pump restarts and refills the vessel.

One of the main advantages of the second system is the fact that the water is used directly from the borehole and does not come into contact with the air.

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